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ICON TECHNIC always puts reputation first. Reputation is the foundation and guideline for us to build our staff. We also put the interests of our customers first in all activities. Reputation is the competitive weapon of ICON TECHNIC.

During operation, we always uphold the responsibility, develop capabilities, and try our best to fulfill our commitments to customers.


Icon Technic believes that operating speed and methodical execution are major competitive advantages. Thanks to that, we always innovate, update solutions, capabilities, tools for operation and control. We know that the customer’s time is gold.


As an information technology company, we consider updating new technology a measure of our capacity. Icon Technic actively researches and develops app development technologies in accordance with the usage requirements of each Vietnamese enterprise.

We gradually built up a new, sophisticated, diversified and specialized service system as the foundation for brand development and become a reliable partner with domestic and foreign customers.


Icon Technic connects relationships with customers and partners with sincerity and goodwill; respect employees as the most valuable asset of the company; build a professional and methodical environment; Implement preeminent welfare policies to create conditions and growth opportunities for our staff.

Icon Technic always respects humanity and considers this value as the purpose of the company’s existence. We are constantly striving to make a small contribution to charity activities for the community.

Icon Technic helps difficult lives, helps them find opportunities for themselves. We also join hands with the community to build a better and better society.