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E-commerce app development – A new booming trend in 2021

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E-commerce is increasingly popular nowadays. We are no longer strangers to leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, ebay, or Walmart,… The great development of e-commerce is that you just need a few simple actions on your laptop or Smartphone to be able to shop without going directly to the store. Such influential popular e-commerce sites are all indispensable for a mobile app. E-commerce app development is the solution for online businesses.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.

E-commerce is based on some technologies such as electronic money transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processes, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

What is E-commerce app development?

Besides websites, shopping via mobile devices is a trend. Mobile applications will be an indispensable tool for e-commerce businesses. So what is e-commerce app development?

Mobile app development is using programming languages to create applications that run on the operating systems of mobile devices. They are optimized to take advantage of those products’ unique features and hardware. The types of mobile apps include native apps, hybrid apps, and HTML5 apps.

Developing an e-commerce App is building a complex sales system with features of processing orders, online payment, shipping, inventory management, discounts, vouchers, … and many more features.

E-commerce app development trends

In recent years, we have seen the strong development of e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, or Walmart,…

It is predicted that sales activities on e-commerce sites will flourish more and more, and develop further with the entry of many large enterprises and corporations. So, if you want to design e-commerce mobile apps, you need to know some of the following mobile app development trends.

– Optimizing the customer experience

Optimizing customer experience becomes essential for businesses because:

+ Creating more authentic experiences through mobile apps will help customers feel more confident, stay longer with your app and your brand.

+ Customer experience optimization selects and categorizes experiences into different groups. Thus, experience management is also simple and cost-effective for businesses.

+ Customers will be consulted directly with sales staff, especially have more experience with online shopping products.

+ Experience optimization helps businesses realize what advantages they are and how to promote them. It also helps businesses to discover what is lacking and limited to find a new strategy to meet customer needs.

Virtual reality interactions on e-commerce exchanges

+ Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology capable of bringing you into a virtual world, where you are completely separated from the real environment. You will experience the space created by the computer.

+ VR is the sales trend that the “giants” apply, to create a more real feeling when customers shop online.

+ VR allows users to accurately feel about the product, from their perspective instead of imagining.

– Voice search

The level of reception of voice search by the group of young users is very impressive. It helps users to order any product with the help of a voice command. Voice search is fast, simple, accurate, and changing the way we shop online for good. So if you want to increase sales, integrate voice search in Mobile App.

– Personalization

Personalization means the offering of a number of products and brands based on the customer search and purchase history. “Favorites list” or “your collection” on the app will make users feel more proactive in choosing products.

In addition, you can send emails and promotions, vouchers according to the needs of customers based on AI integration.

Businesses will achieve good results if they focus on the service model and actualize the shopping journey that customers want, not just giving out unconvincing suggestions.

– Online payment methods

Online payment is increasingly applied because of its convenience, simplicity, and speed. When developing an e-commerce app, you should fully integrate different online payment methods, such as visa, napas, e-wallet, … They help customers to pay easily anytime and anywhere, especially to create convenience and comfort for customers when shopping.

– Video

+ Video is a great tool for businesses to introduce their products honestly to consumers, to attract more customers.

+ Videos should be in prominent positions that customers can easily see and view.

– Chatbots

+ Chatbot is a program that conducts a conversation in natural language via auditory or textual methods.

+ Chatbots are often used in dialog systems for various purposes, including customer service or information gathering.

+ Chatbots help businesses better understand customers needs to give the best response.

Basic features of an e-commerce app

Besides the prominent trends in e-commerce app development, you should also keep in mind the most basic features required for an effective sales app. Basic features of e-commerce mobile app include:

– Signup/Sign-in

– Product List & Categorization

– Image & Video gallery (Product Detailing)

– Advanced Search

– Product Wishlist

– Add to Cart

– Order Status Tracking

– Order History

– Loyalty Programs

– Rate Product

– Multi-currency payment options

– Notifications

E-commerce application is the tool to help you quickly increase profits and dominate the market. Contact Icon Technic if you want to develop the most professional e-commerce mobile app.