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We plan to specialize the entire process of providing mobile app development services around the e-commerce industry, combined with a methodical, creative and in-depth human resource strategy.

Icon Technic has a deep understanding of the industry and is positioned to become a leading unit in researching and updating the latest mobile application technologies in the world.

We gradually build up our reputation and become a reliable software development partner with domestic and international customers. Here’s our vision for the next 10 years …


Icon Technic has developed the infrastructure, expanded branches and representative offices, and deployed a system of providing mobile app design services nationwide. We are ready to participate in large-scale mobile app design project surveys.


We have built a sales support technology ecosystem with a full range of specializations: Design, Brands, Agency, Content, Security, Data Center …


Icon Technic has increased cooperation with technology development partners in the region such as Japan, Singapore, India, the Philippines … and created momentum to expand the market to Europe and America. We have also studied to expand the scale of service provision to the Internet of Things, AI, Bigdata …


Icon Technic is gradually building a high-quality brand named “by Vietnam”. “By Vietnam” are mobile app projects that are developed based on the highest standards of human resources, implementation methods and applied technology.


Icon Technic’s vision is to make “by Vietnam” become the world’s standard technological measure, developed entirely by Vietnamese people. We will also turn software projects associated with “by Vietnam” into national pride, respected, trusted and learned by international friends.